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2022 Lit(erary) Updates!

In the first year of the podcast, I had the pleasure of interviewing eleven wonderful authors ranging from indie author's blazing their own trail, hybrid authors with unique writing journey's, and NYT bestsellers! Each author shared their own take's on live in the creative arts, and now in 2022 many have updates.

You'll find the updates in chronological order

of appearance on the podcast, with links to their episodes as well. Enjoy!

  • Andrea Cudd Alemanni, author of: Ava Antibody: You Body and Vaccines, a children's book written to explain the science behind vaccines. Her book recently received the Royal Dragonfly Award, Honorable Mention, in the Juvenile Nonfiction Category. You can learn more about the book, and the author here. To listen to scientist and author, Andrea Cudd Alemanni's episode, go here.

  • Catherine Brusk, is the author of the Finding Faith series, a five book Christian set, (What Love Washed Up, What Grace Washed Up, What Strength Washed Up, What Hope Washed Up, & What Faith Washed Up), is currently working on new projects and promoting her series. She recently launched a YouTube channel with music which inspired her when writing her books (link HERE). You can find more about Catherine, and her moving series here. To listen to her episode, go here.

  • Carol Beth Anderson, author of several YA Fantasy series and stand-alone novels, including the Sun Blessed Trilogy, recently released a book for writers! To learn more about Carol Beth, click here. To listen to her episode, click here.

  • Allison Ashley, is the author of medical themed romances, Perfect Distraction and Home Sweet Mess. She's set to release a new book Would You Rather, later this year. To learn more about Allison, click here. Her episode can be found here.

  • Cheyanne Young, author of YA novels City of Legends, The Break Up Support Group, and The Last Wish of Sasha Cade, is releasing a NEW book in March! If We Break Up, is now available for preorder on her website here, where you can read the first four chaps! To listen to her episode go here.

  • Keith Gaboury, poet is keeping busy with writing and workshops. He recently had poems published in several journals (links here, here, and here). Listen to his episode here.

  • A.S. Hatch, author of the acclaimed thriller, This Little Dark Place, is currently working on new projects. You can find out more about him, his books, and more here. His episode can be found here.

  • John Cotter, author, playwright, and poet recently completed his writing residency as a resident fellow at the James Merrill House in Stonington, Connecticut. In the end of 2021 and into 2022, some of his monologues written during and about the pandemic have been published and/or performed to great acclaim. More information about this author here. His episode can be found here.

  • Laura Weymouth, author of YA fantasy books including The Light Between Worlds, recently released A Rush Of Wings. Go here for more info. Click here for her episode.

  • Katherine Center, NYT Bestselling author of 8 books including Happiness For Beginners, How To Walk Away, and Things You Save In A Fire, is a busy bee! Her newest book The Bodyguard is set for release this July. Film rights for Things You Save In A Fire have just been optioned, and a film adaptation of Happiness For Beginners is in post-production. BUT if you're dying for a romantic movie to watch now, her book The Lost Husband (staring Josh Duhamel) has been turned into a movie and presently streaming on Netflix. To learn more about Katherine, click here. Her episode can be found here.

  • Lisa Brideau, author of a trilling forthcoming novel is currently working on projects in addition to working to better the environment. To learn more about Lisa, and get updates directly, go here. Her episode can be found here.

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