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Introducing...the first Creative Peacemeal Podcast Reading list!

podcast booklist
Download PDF • 1.09MB

Hey there book lovers! I am SO excited to present the curated reading list. From the moment my podcast was first published back in January of 2021, I always asked questions about books. What books inspired guests? What books did guests reread year after year? What books were they looking forward to?

The answers were as varied, and interesting as the guests themselves. Selections ranged from indie books to classics, and everything in between. Some books I'd heard of and had read, others, I would hastily jot down and look up later. It wasn't until recently I realized I needed to get a bit more organized with the list, and that maybe others would be interested in the books as well. I also made sure to include books by the authors who were on the show, and I threw in a few of my faves for good measure.

I hope you enjoy this list. It's meant to be a fun companion to the podcast, and a way to invigorate your own reading pile. It's by no means something meant to be completed fully unless that's your cup of tea!

Download, and let me know what you think!


Creator and Host of Creative Peacemeal Podcast

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